01383: O Bar Family Pride

The weather has turned once more. The last typhoon in the region didn't enter the country it again - it just skimmed around us and  made a direct course for Japan via Taiwan. Now it seems another possible tropical cyclone is forming of the eastern side of the country in the Philippine Sea, which would explain the sudden downpour early this morning. Even now the skies are heavily overcast and it seems more rain is imminent. Fun way to start the week - plus the LGBT Pride festivities are scheduled for the weekend.

My long weekend is coming to a close and I'm definitely feeling the strain of three straight nights at O Bar Ortigas. It's a lot of good fun of course and an appropriate way to celebrate five months of being together but naturally all that drinking, dancing and other good stuff will take its toll on anyone. But hey, I survived and so did my liver and my legs so we'll all just have to do our best to get through the work week.

Our O Bar friends are an interesting group and they include a wide range of personalities. In addition, our social circles have grown to include many of the staff at the bar and the performers as well - and this started even before we got into a relationship with Prince. The folks at O Bar have indeed become quite the alternate family for us.

It's also why we put so much effort into helping out the bar in whatever way we can - and yes there is no compensation for it. We help the waiters address real-time issues like broken bottles and glasses which need to be cleaned up right away. We help with promoting the bar's various promos and events through blog posts and other social media activities. And it's also part of my motivation for taking hundreds of photos every time we're at the bar. Plus it gives me something to do other than contemplate socializing with acquaintances at the bar or what have you.

And this week I'm going to see what I can do to get vacation time for Friday night. O Bar Malate will be having a pre-White Party event that I'd love to join, since it will also mean catching up with Malate friends who don't often make the trek over to Ortigas. Plus it's LGBT Pride month - we should certainly make sure to end things with a bit of a bang, hehe.
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