01382: The ASA Family's Rocking Sunday

Today marked the third time that the three of us have watched a play together and the 2nd major musical for the year. After helping Prince catch In The Heights earlier this year, our next venture was the Atlantis Productions staging of Rock of Ages - and it was suitably awesome for a second musical to watch together!

As far as jukebox musicals go, Rock of Ages naturally taps into a fun aspect of our social history in 1980's rock. But add in some amazing acting and vocal talent and some wonderfully hilarious, 4th wall breaking humor and you certainly have the makings of a really great play. Expect my full review of this production to appear on the Geeky Guide later this week.

And beyond just watching the play, we even made sure to try to glam up in old rock style just for fun. So Prince had a mostly black ensemble and I had my trusty glam NERD shirt on plus those fun shiny coated jeans that go so well with my one and only pair of (Star Trek) boots!

Oh, and another fun thing about the show was the fact that they served free drinks outside the theater! Sweet!

I'm glad that Prince really enjoyed the show. Theater  has become one of those areas where we get to explore common interests to some extent and I certainly enjoy finding common ground. As much as relationships are all the more interesting given all the things that make us different and unique, it also helps to have shared areas of interest where we get to celebrate common likes and joys.

Beyond the theater afternoon, we also enjoyed another shared interest - good food! And in this case it was dinner at the rather famous Aling Nene's restaurant, which definitely serves some of the best lechon paksiw that I've had in Metro Manila. I now find myself contemplating how we might possibly cater some sort of a part of event with their excellent food, assuming we find the appropriate cause for celebration.

So yay for more fun times with the ASA Family! And here's to more chances to celebrate things that we love together, wherever it takes us.
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