01381: Celebrating Five Months

Prince Ash Ketchum
5 months.

Today marks our fifth month of being a family. We've come a long way and we've survived quite a number of dark patches in the woods, but we keep fighting for this love that we all deserve and have come out of the woods all the better for it.

Since we started we've all grown in different ways. I've discovered a side of me that enjoys doting on Prince. Tobie has learned to love dogs (at least smaller ones so far). And Prince has started to celebrate his own childhood passions through Super Mario related games and adding a touch of cosplay to his O Bar poi performance outfits. And there are so many other things that have changed - and it's definitely been for the better.

We celebrated this little milestone at O Bar Ortigas with some some of our usual bar friends. That meant a lot of craziness amid drinking, dancing and drag queens. Well, and some sappy, tears-of-joy weepy baduy moments, too.

Five Months!

Today we caught an afternoon screening of the Kimmy Dora sequel, which was decently funny but not necessarily hilarious. That was followed by a great late lunch / early dinner at Rai Rai Ken, where we tried some of their new ramen varieties along with with their super California Maki rolls. Yum, yum, yum!

50% off on all ramen! (Conditions apply)
Super California Maki Rolls
And we'll be heading to O Bar Ortigas again tonight to continue our celebrations. feel free to join us there should you find yourselves in the Home Depot area!


  1. Happy Five Months, my loves.
    Things can only get better :-)


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