0137D: I Capture Moments

I can't remember when I first got to hold a camera. I'm sure I took a few photos with this basic film camera my sister received for a gift (Was it hers? But it had to he since it was purple or something). But I think I really got more comfy with a camera with my latter grade school years when my mom lent me her automatic film camera for a few field trips and other such school events. It was one of the fancier models of the period that included a detachable report for taking photos of yourself and that neat trick of automatically adjusting the film forward after a shot and of course rewinding the whole roll once done.

Ah, the joys of the film print age.

A photo of my Panasonic Lumix ZS7 via our ASUS Transformer  TF101 tablet

I still don't consider myself a "professional" in any capacity. I'm just a guy who likes to document events so that I can look back at them when I want to. I'm the digital equivalent of that girl who handles the school yearbook or the guy who hides behind a camera at social events to feel like he belongs.

Oh wait, I'm still that guy at social events who hides behind his camera. Go figure.

I don't feel the need to get myself a DSLR or anything like that. I'm sort of out to prove that having a smaller yet moderately power camera is enough for those on-the-fly photography moments. My goal is speed and quality with as minimal fuss as possible. I don't want to have to have people stop and pose at a family reunion or in the middle of some club. I want to be able to pull out my camera, let my flash charge up as needed and take a quick snap before that key moment passes. And thus my little Lumix does the job pretty well in that regard.

But last Sunday at O Bar Ortigas was particularly cool. There was just so much going on that was worth taking photos of - so much so that I took almost 1700 photos throughout the night. And after a little post-processing, I ended up with a few good ones...

The Oh Divas performing Laser Light
The Oh Divas performing Laser Light
The Oh Divas performing Laser Light
Prince performing with his new LED cap

Prince performing with his new LED cap
 Now I know these aren't the cleanest, most perfect photos in the world, but they are pretty darn fun moments that are hard to capture well enough. I mean come on, a lot of these are split-second moments in poor lighting with constantly shifting disco lasers disrupting my camera sensor's ability to focus well.

So that's what I do - I try to capture quick moments like this involving the live performances at O Bar.

Or there are those funnier moments involving friends. Case in point - GINO:

 Like I sad, Gino is such a fun photo subject, I swear I'm going to make a poster collage for him some day. And all these photos were from a single night! We love you Gino, we really do! Peace friend! =D

I'll try to spend a bit more time sharing more of my photos, especially the clearer ones. Today was more about capturing those quick and fast moments and why my camera has become the silent witness to many O Bar shenanigans, among other things. Hope you enjoyed!