0137C: Dancing Away The Work Stress

What a weekend. Between Toycon, a crazy Father's Day surprise and of course another weekend at O Bar Ortigas, our dance card was pretty full. And the pain that I now feel in my legs and other extremities is a testament to some of the tomfoolery and physical activity that made up the weekend.

I've also invested a lot of time in catching up with all my documentation of said events in terms of various photos and videos. And given that I average at least 500 photos for every O Bar night (and yet hit nearly 1700 last night) plus various video clips here and there, that's quite a lot of editing. Thankfully I have managed to get everything uploaded to YouTube and Google+ Photos appropriately with just the photos from last night in my pending queue. Sweet.

Toycon Goodies
I've also built up a decent Transformers queue after a long time without new robots. To be fair, the Autobot minibots that we had purchased while in Singapore last January plus the Transformers Animated Rodimus figure that I ordered online a month or so back remain unopened until today. But realistically I was holding out for more figures before opening these ones. My reasoning is a tad tricky but it has to do with always wanting to have figures ready in case I have a really stressful day. There are few things quite as effective in de-stressing me as spending time with my Transformers.

Another interesting way that I've been able to vent my frustrations (outside of this blog) is actually dancing at O Bar. Now I don't claim to have professional dancing skills of any kind nor do I think that my moves are particularly effective in possibly seducing other guys (not that this is my goal either). But what is more important is that I dance for myself in a manner that makes me feel happy and helps me break past the things that bring me down in life. 

There was a time that I didn't exactly find this sort of solace in dancing - heck, there was a time that the thought of dancing just had me feeling awkward and uncomfortable. But something has changed in recent months that has allowed me to reconnect with that side of me - and strangely enough that impetus feels a lot like my departed friend Jayson. He used to be my constant companion at the bar during my Bed days and I could always trust him to get me to dance even in my foulest, most anti-social moods.

So yeah, these days I seem to manage to connect to him on the dance floor, and it's a nice feeling. I don't even care if some O Bar patrons point at me and look at my funny or when casual friends or acquaintances decide to try and dance with me. I'm going to dance and there's nothing that they can do about it. But if they want to join in the fun, they're still free to do so, hehe. I'm not THAT much of a snob.

Or at least I don't think I am. LOL

So yeah, feel free to join me for a dance next time you catch me at O Bar, as long as you don't find my methods too quirky or even funny. It's always fun to dance, right? Just don't consider what other people seem to think when you dance. Dance for yourself and yourself alone (or at least those you love of course course!) - it's pretty liberating when you get around to it. And we could all use that kind of freedom every now and then.