0137B: A Web-Enabled Father's Day

So we finally executed our big Father's Day surprise for our dad, and by we I mean my sister (who is based in Singapore), my younger brother (who is still studying at UP Diliman) and to some extent our Mom (since such surprises are best organized with parental assistance). After a lot of online searching and some roundabout shipping arrangements from the US to Singapore to Hong Kong (DHL is nuts) and finally back here, we managed to surprise dad with the Collector's Edition of Diablo 3.

Okay, to be technical about things, it's in the country but not yet in Dad's hands. But at least it'll get to him by tomorrow or the day after and so we didn't totally miss Father's Day by too much. And beyond that we managed to make the day still rather special with the power of the internet - and that's not exactly easy when you and your siblings don't have a chance to meet up in person by the virtue of work duties, school duties and the fact one of us isn't even in the country.

But with the aid of a custom Facebook Page and a one-day pass for Skype Premium, we managed to find a creative way to let Dad know what his gift is going to be. Plus group video calling can be pretty cool, even though we can't quite understand what everyone is saying when we all speak at the same time.

In the long term, I'm not sure if I want to indulge in Skype Premium just for video chats. I just wish we had been able to get Google Hangout to work for all three of us, but local internet quality just isn't quite where it needs to be. Or maybe all three of us are running too many torrents or something, LOL.

So that was our big Father's Day activity. Fun, yes?
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