0137A: The ASA Toycon Adventure

So we went to Toycon today.

On a payday weekend.

Sounds crazy, right?

Still, despite the crowds, the people and everyone who decided to come out, we still managed to have a pretty good time! Or more like, we were pretty happy with the little treats that we happened to find despite the madness of the hordes present.

I blew my money on a few choice items including:

Transformers Generations Cybertronian Cliffjumper
Commemorative Edition Rodimus Prime
Transformers Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm

Admittedly the last figures were because they look so gay together. And they have a fusion mode - SWEET! I really need to get around to watching that TV series in order to fill in that void in my Transformers experience. Quite frankly, they have some of the best figures that I've seen in a while.

I also picked up an original DVD for Zombadings since (1) I really wanted a copy, (2) Prince hasn't seen it, (3) it has gay subtitles and (4) it also helps support their next movie, Slumber Party! And we even went along with having our photo taken to mark the little event.

Tobie found a really cool Adventure Time mug that featured the gender bender episode. He also found a cute little Goomba figure to match the other Super Mario figures that I had found to Prince some time back. And he picked up some Daredevil comics at 50%, so yay!

And lastly Prince had a few finds of his own including a cute little Pikachu figure (as if he were in mid electric attack), some silver paint for his hair for costume purposes and some cool pixel-style pendants in the shape of the star from Super Mario and a Poke Ball!

So yeah, it was a pretty cool haul.

We ended the night at this new restaurant called Orchard Road that features some pretty authentic Singaporean cuisine. Bern and Jade joined us there since originally we had plans of catching Kimmy Dora 2 together. However the payday weekend crowds were a bit too much and the only screenings available were a bit too late for us given Prince's O Bar obligations, so we had to pass for now. I guess we'll catch the movie another time.

Now we have to prep for O Bar Ortigas - this is going to be another crazy night!

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  1. Mamaya pa lang ako punta ng Mega Mall :)

  2. Huhuhu di ako nakapuntang Toycon. :( Namiss ko waaah! Nilalagnat kasi huhuhu.

  3. Hope you had fun, Elmer!

    Aww, Chai, you really need to take better care of yourself. You're working yourself too hard!


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