01379: Good Coffee and Great Conversation Every Night

I'm tired again, and no surprise that it's a Friday. I still have one more work shift to worry about given some big deadlines on Monday and Tuesday and a new project coming in tonight. Oh what fun. And naturally all I can think about is the weekend ahead.

One thing that has been keeping me sane throughout the work week has been something that has come to be   know as VCS - the Virtual Caffeine Sessions. What started as a bit of a joke over Twitter as I prepared my first (spill-proof) mug of coffee at the office, I ended getting into a conversation with a few friends. And the same thing was repeated on another night. Until we finally formalized things into a gathering of friends online via Twitter or Facebook or whatever social media platform isn't being blocked by our respective IT Departments at the time.

And we say caffeine since not everyone is into coffee.

And the conversations seem to continue on all throughout the day, even as some of us finally leave the office and head home. The joy of this particular Facebook chat window is how the "room" just remains open and people wander in and out - sort of like the conversations that I have with my family via WhatsApp. And thus the normal order of business once you finally join the active VCS session is the inevitable need to backread - which means to catch up with all the conversations past.

Topics can go in pretty much any direction, ranging from current affairs, what each of us find hot in guys or even personal stories. Things have gone as far as developing the Baratheometer that measures horniness (oh come on, you can figure it out!) and the need to assign Sex and the City characters to each of the 4 current VCS members. This last item becomes all the more ironic given we're not exactly Sex in the Type people when you think about it. Sadly I got stuck with being Carrie mainly because I blog and she writes - go figure.

So yeah, it's this unique brand of gay and geeky conversation is what helps me get through the madness of the office. Heck, we help each other survive how weird and wacky work gets for all of us.

And this weekend it looks like there's a good chance that I'll bump into at least B and L from VCS at a PG4M meet-up set at SM Megamall. Now if only K could join us too before he heads off to, um, "church". There's certainly enough time for it.

The big deal about SM Megamall this weekend is that it's Toycon, which is always a fun (and potentially expensive) little trade fair. I can't really call it a convention since it's mostly about selling stuff with the odd cosplay even and occasional talk. Then the PG4M folks are hoping to catch the new Kimmy Dora sequel, for which I'm somewhat hopeful given how much I had enjoyed the first movie.

And as much as it would be fun to simply watch the movie, I bet it would be even crazier to watch it together with the crazy queers of the PG4M forum. So yeah, I really hope our schedules align and we manage to find time for it, depending on how hectic our schedules get.

And then comes Father's Day on Sunday - I'm not even sure what the plans are for that day just yet.
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