01374: What Happened on Prince's Birthday

Yesterday's birthday celebrations for Prince were pretty fun. Nothing too eccentric, extravagant or excessive (alliteration!), but definitely a good time.

We actually "strated" things rather late since the bulk of the day was spent lazing around the house. But given how I had come from work while Tobie and Prince had some pretty heavy partying at O Bar Ortigas that Friday, well, sleeping in a bit longer was inevitable.

And quite frankly, making sure Prince sleeps more is a gift in itself, believe me. He's quite the busy bee and he puts so much of himself into things that he really needs to find the time to just stop, rest and recover. His dedication to hard work and getting things done is quite admirable and I love him all the more for that.

So our "lunch" (which was more of an early dinner) was a pretty generous spread at Hap Chan including beef slices with mango, hakaw, jellyfish with century egg, chicken feet and, shrimps with broccoli flowers. Nom nom nom!

Then it was off to Gateway via the Araneta Center tram to catch an evening screening of Prometheus, which turned out to be quite the impressive movie. I have a full review coming out on the Geeky Guide by tomorrow (I'll post a link here eventually), but overall we all enjoyed the movie despite some of the hammier death sequences.

Then Tobie had to make his way to his office since they had a company outing scheduled for Sunday and were leaving early. That meant that Prince and I had to handle the Saturday crowd of O Bar Ortigas practically alone, although we did eventually have the support of the likes of (Daddy!) Rupert and Martin. It was a fairly fun night and I'm rather proud of myself for still handling my alcohol - of course it helps to need to be able to commute home safely without the aid of Tobie's car.

Today we spent most of the day at home cleaning up the Sietch, enjoying leftovers for breakfast and giving Yoshi a much-needed bath. By the afternoon we headed off to Megamall so Prince could meet up with Paulino for business purposes and so we could do a little shopping. Prince wanted to get a special costume for tonight's O Bar Performance and he found himself some decent Naruto stuff at Comic Alley. We also went around classic haunts like Toy Kingdom and also bought a lot of dog food for Yoshi at Bio Research. As much as this brand is also available at the nearby Pet Express, they're P20 cheaper per can there so it's often worth the trek.

And now we have to prep for O Bar Ortigas. Tobie is still at this overnight company team-building outing so it's just the two of us again, but I know we can handle things. At least the crowd won't be quite a crazy as it is typically on Saturdays, or at least that's the working assumption. It's really just a question of how many folks have taken additional time off to coincide with the Independence Day holiday come Tuesday or just how many call center folks are going to make the most of their weekend by hitting the bar. Such is life.