01373: Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Prince's birthday! Be sure to leave him a greeting!

Tobie and Prince got the party started at O Bar Ortigas last night while I was still at work. In hindsight I feel bad that I wasn't able to file leave for the night and join them. But given my current deliverables and the various calls and coordination efforts I had to manage during my shift, I suppose it was unavoidable.

Still, I hope to make up for things today. We have plans to have a nice (late) lunch out, hopefully catch Prometheus and things will just proceed from there. Then of course it'll be my turn at O Bar Ortigas with Prince as we continue his birthday celebrations. This time around Tobie will be at the office since they're leaving for a team-building activity early tomorrow morning.

This is going to be a super birthday weekend for our baby, Prince. We can't necessarily give him big expensive stuff or even take him to super exclusive locations, but we can certainly find different ways to celebrate in a manner that may be simpler but no less meaningful.

I love you baby love love ko! We're going to do our best to make this birthday SUPER memorable!


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