01372: My Heart Belongs To Two Men

I'm almost done with the bulk of my major work deadline for the week, which is definitely a good thing. I should have everything wrapped up by the end of my Friday US shift, and then I'll have to week ahead to ponder. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to negotiate to take a day off for the Philippine Independence day holiday. If not, well, then I don't really know what follows. It seems it isn't one of the holidays that will earn me a compensatory leave credit should I report for work, so as much as possible I'd like to avail of the holiday benefit.

Such are the complications of the call center life for someone who is no longer eligible for holiday premiums, overtime pay and other goodies.

I had actually fallen asleep earlier, some time after getting home. I guess I had been more tired than I had realized - one moment I was prepared to start writing this blog entry, the next I was snuggling next to Prince. And the rest was history. I woke up again though since we had plans to step out and have lunch together plus to get some accessories for his use at O Bar and for other poi performances. And no worries, that's always something work getting up for. He is one of the men who make my life complete after all.

And that's an interesting realization - one that can be a tad scary but on the whole it's also very fulfilling. When I think of Tobie and Prince, I can see the rest of my life being mapped out with both of them by my side. I can imagine various trips together. I can imagine us sharing a more permanent home with a small garden and perhaps another dog or two. I can project how we all might age together and how we'll all still have fun together. It's a good thing indeed to be able to feel that kind of love and reassurance in the future.

I'll admit I don't always get to see it or feel it - this is still a relatively new relationship that has only recently crossed the four month barrier. But given all that we have been through together and all that challenges that we have faced (and defeated), my confidence, reassurance and faith in this relationship only gets stronger. This is my ASA Family - there is little that we cannot accomplish together. That much I know to be true.

So time for a short date of sorts with Prince, hehe. Hope you all have a good day.