01371: Tired Ramblings Before Bed


It has been a rather long day for me. Slept past 05:00pm yesterday but woke up before 10:00pm because of the sounds of construction next door. Damn you Amaia and your condominium project right next to our building. This is going to be a bad year ahead once the construction project goes into full swing.

After work I ran a bank errand for Tobie, bought dog food for Yoshi and wandered around the Araneta malls for no particular reason. I probably shouldn't have done that in general instead of going home directly, however I felt like I needed to unwind a bit more before returning to the Sietch.

Maybe I should have picked up a drink or two on my way home a well.

But now I'll need to make sure the boys wake up for their own work duties to begin and I'll probably catch up on sleep soon. At least that's the theory, unless something is going to keep me awake again or something along those lines.

I really want to find a house of our own. But that assumes we actually have enough money to purchase a house of our own. And thus we need steady enough income to purchase a house of our own. The problems just compound themselves one after the other. Whoo boy.

And clearly the creative part of my brain is in no position to come up with anything just yet. Plus I have an early conference call later so I'll need to get out of here earlier than normal. More fun!