0136E: Back to Reality Once More

Well, our one-night escape to Puerto Galera is already over and it's time to get back to the reality of life in Metro Manila. It was a fantastic little trip considering we got to meet two of Prince's closest friends, got to reconnect with our adopted province of sorts and we also got to bring Yoshi to the beach for the first time ever.

Yoshi was funny given how he kind of freaked out when we first brought him out to the sands of the beach itself. But strangely enough he was perfectly silent during both the bus ride to Batangas Port and even the rather bumpy (or wavy?) boat ride to Puerto Galera itself. Strange dog indeed, but I'm proud of how he handled things. Although he does smell a bit.

I also finally finished reading A Storm of Swords from the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Totally AMAZING book with so many revelations in a single story segment. I mean seriously, I can understand why this particular title is also marketed in two separate books and not just one given just how much happens. It certainly took me a while given how infrequently I get to allot time to read these days, but it was worth every moment indeed.

And now to catch a bit more sleep before I return directly to work again tonight. Back to real life indeed.
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