0136D: Puerto Galera Sunday

The ASA Family as back at Puerto Galera! And I'm not just talking about Tobie, Prince and myself - obviously Tiger, Duck, Mario and Toad are here too, but so is Yoshi (our dog and not the Mario character)! It's Yoshi's first trip out of the city and he has been handling things remarkably well. He was very well behaved on the bus ride and even on the somewhat rough boat ride and now he's getting nicely settled here at the resort.

And before you ask, the weather actually isn't all that bad. As much as it was raining all the way up to the Batangas Port, but once at Puerto Galera itself we were happy to see the sun was shining. It has also been drizzling from time to time, I'll admit, but nothing as bad as what were experiencing in Manila.

Well, back to the beach to enjoy the night in earnest!


  1. Paborito kong character yung Mushroom sa Super Wonderful Mario na game :)


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