0136B: Expanded Character Studies

Okay, so I've already started discussions related to the following aspects of the story-to-be:

  • Overall Theme: LGBT romance during a zombie apocalypse
  • Story Length: Tentatively a novelette of sorts
  • Story Setting: Odds are leaning in favor of Manila versus a generic city
  • Story Perspective: I'm leaning towards first person POV. but shifting between the two protagonists
Let's further explore my character concepts today.

Any romance is only as good as its leading men - well, at least this is the case for the queer ones. So here's what I developed so far.

Protagonist #1 

Our lead is your Smart Aleck, but not necessarily nerdy or excessively geeky. In this regard he's a bit more like your classic Peter Parker in the wise-cracking department. He's not necessarily physically impressive nor is he necessarily weak. So think wiry as opposed to scrawny.

I need a good reason for him to be part of the foraging / hunting party. I've narrowed this to him possibly possessing specialized knowledge - a good understanding of which drugs are useful versus those that are potentially dangerous for example. Or he could have specialized skills such as the ability to pick locks  or perhaps he's pretty handy with a paintball gun and thus is a decent shot. 

I'm not sure in what direction to take this character in this regard just yet, but it's important to shaping how the main characters first meet. Plus it will define his interactions in subsequent missions, of which I have plotted out a few in terms of the story.

Protagonist #2
Peg: Tom Hardy (Not Bronson big but at least This Means War defined)

The love interest of Protagonist #1. He's either a new member of the team or an existing member and this is Protagonist #1's first time on a hunt. He's meant to be a lot more physically impressive, but not much of a talker. I know, I know, he sounds like a stereotype, but it works in the long run, I guarantee. 

I need him silent since he will be your stereotypical jock type from afar - the kind that gay boys dream about but too afraid to approach since they have the physical strength to twist them into a pretzel. And thus he's not the kind that you'd expect to catch checking you out when he thinks you're not looking - which is how I want to break the ice between them.

He's not going to be a dumb jock though neither is he going to be the perfect guy. He'll be decently smart but not necessarily intelligent. I think he'd have read a few classics but won't be anything remotely approaching a geek. In other words, he'll be your typical guy who will be interesting beyond his body.

I already have a general flow for the story in mind (good grief, an actual outline!) so it's really down to starting the actual writing of this beast.

What's your take on these character studies? Do you have recommended names? Are you worried that they're too one-dimensional? Or are they not common enough, thus making this a less effective pulp romance, which is sort of my target market. I want the novel to be fun and entertaining and yet still have a respectable (in other words believable) romance at its core.

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