01367: Character Creation Issues

Last night at O Bar Ortigas was pretty crazy - but that's typically the case more often than not. Although part of what made last night particularly memorable apart from the relatively crazy amount of dancing I did (yes, more on that later) was the fact that we had some work clients (and also friends) at the bar as well. So yes, it was an interesting evening on multiple levels.

The dancing bit is a sort of a commitment to myself. I don't claim to be any good - I just do what makes sense to me or whatever instinctively feels right. It's also a good workout, more or less, although in exchange my feet and legs are pretty sore right now and that's going to linger on until I get to the office. Oh woe.

But totally worth it. Totally.

Back to my writing, yesterday's little writing achievement certainly left me feeling pretty good about myself. But of course one 1,000 word short story doesn't mean I'm fully back on the writing path, so this is going to need more work.

So it looks like for now I'm going to try to run with the LGBT love story of sorts set during a zombie apocalypse type of event. Now to be clear, this is not about a gay zombie falling in love with another zombie or another human - that would be the plot of Otto; Or, Up With Dead People (at least I think so since I've only read the synopsis without watching the actual movie). Back on point though, I just don't want the whole zombie aspect to complicate the romance angle - it's more of a setting and not part of the characterization.

So the bigger challenge is mapping out the various characters involved. The hook that I want to focus on, which I hope will make the story interesting, is the fact that I want the protagonist to deal with how tricky it is to figure out if someone else is gay while fighting off hordes of the undead. I naturally want to focus on the more, well, butch sort of gay guy. This is not to discriminate against those who are more effeminate in mannerisms, but it's simply what the plot demands.

So I'll get to focus on the smaller touches like one guy checking out the other guy in-between zombie rushes. Figuring out how to sneak a glance at the other guy's butt while maneuvering silently through an empty city. That sort of a thing. The potential scenes show a lot of promise. And don't get me started on the banter - Tobie keeps throwing me all these one-liners involving "head shots" and "double taps".

But what should define the lead characters? Should it be a first person POV story? Or should I try to go with the 1Q84 route and run the stories in parallel until the storylines merge. That would mean I could run both sides of the story as first person POV and run with that - if that still makes sense.

Admittedly the desire to go with a lot of first person POV writing is largely influenced by Haruki Murakami. And I've found that the writing style is pretty interesting, although it does inevitably lead to tapping into my own feelings, thoughts, memories and experiences a LOT, thus adding more and more of myself into the story. Definitely a good and a bad thing, hehe.

So what do you folks think? What might work best for you for this story premise? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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