01365: Getting Focused on My Writing

Expect a few minor changes in how this blog works.

While this remains to be my personal blog and my venue for discussing my day-to-day activities and clear my thoughts in order to reduce stress, I'll also be trying to give it more focus. And that focus is my writing - something that's long overdue.

I want to invest more time in my writing and that means that I'll need to reallocate some of my blogging time. And while I still remains very dedicated to the Geeky Guide and keeping that updated, I think I can shift some time around from this blog.

I'll still maintain daily updates though, but I will try to allocate a portion of each blog entry to discussing my current writing projects, flesh out character ideas, resolve possible plot snags and that sort of thing. I'll be using this as a venue for some of my brainstorming and perhaps even the odd bit of free association writing. Whatever.

The first project is something I picked up from Chuck Wendig's blog for this week's Flash Fiction Challenge. It requires us to utilize a random sentence generator and to use that sentence as either of the first or the last sentence of a 1,000 word short story. 1,000 words should be easy - I used to be able to do that in a single sitting. So my goal is to get this done before the weekend is over.

And my sentence? "Why can't a reassured disaster expand?" 

Yeah, I totally don't know what to do with that. At least, not yet.


  1. Magandang challenge yan ah. Try ko rin kaya yang sentence generator? :)


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