01364: A Gathering Storm?

Things at work see, to be getting...complicated. Thankfully the concerns are all outside our department and our immediate sphere of responsibility, but given how long I've been working with the company, it's easy to see the writing on the wall.

Lines have been drawn in the sand and I don't quite like how folks are positioning themselves. On the one hand, it's none of my business and I should just respect the various individuals involved to be professional enough to resolve things well. On the other hand, a lot of these folks are close to feeling like friends or even like family given how long we've all been working together. And thus I feel that I should put some effort into providing some degree of counsel in order to help them think things through in a manner that is not overly emotional. I can't guarantee positive results, but at least I can rest well at night knowing that I've tried.

I guess in that regard I've always tried to give back to the company when I can, and even in moments like this I'm trying to keep the greater good in mind. I'm fast approaching my 9th year with this same company - my first real job to boot. And I've stayed this long given how the company has generally treated me well, even though I've seen other people come and go given disagreements that they've fallen into.

And even outside of my loyalty (and I suppose that is the term that best describes it), there's also my general sense of responsibility that prevents me from doing anything bad. And along the same lines I can't help but a keep a look out when there are things going at work that don't exactly confirm with the rules.

It probably explains why I first gravitated towards Quality Assurance work. As much QA practitioners never want to think of themselves as "policemen," it's inevitable to consider how a significant portion of those responsibilities fall along those lines. Training taught me that it's more than catching people doing wrong but expecting them to be better. And I do try to give people a lot of leeway in order to show their best side.

But I can only watch passively for so long. In time my need to make things right and stand up for what's right kicks in. And so I act. And naturally people resent being called out, but I'd like to think it's for their own good. It is right?

Or maybe I'm just meddlesome by nature. Bah.