01363: Complete Again

Prince is home. And we're all busier than ever given the increasing number of inquiries for A.S.A. Travel and Tours.

Thus far the bulk of our inquiries are focused around Puerto Galera, which is essentially our "home turf" given we treat Galera as the ASA Family's home province of sorts. Add in the fact that we've posted two different ads on Sulit that have had tremendous feedback in terms of customer inquiries. We're also starting to get additional queries related to other locations including Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol and I'm sure there will be even more to follow in the weeks and months to come.

His business trip to Boracay was pretty successful and it looks like we now have around 20 different partner resorts that can cater to any budget. We also have our first official dive partner and I'm sure we'll cement additional relationships while at Puerto Galera so we can start building dive tours for guests.

A.S.A. Travel and Tours already has over 40 hotel and resort partners across the country at destinations that include the top ten travel spots of the country. And our official Facebook page already has 125 Likes and I'm sure there will be even more to follow! It's certainly an exciting time for us, especially given we only started this whole thing just under two months ago. The number of customer inquiries continues to grow and while we're able to manage things on our own so far, things continue to be rather busy.

But more importantly, the ASA Family is complete again. Prince was nice enough to get us all these cute key chains that he had customized to include our names. And on the back side it naturally reads, "A.S.A. Travel and Tours" - what else, right?

We're definitely at our best when we're all together. It seems whenever we're apart is when doubts and anxieties start to eat away at all of us and thus disrupt the natural flow of things between us. But we continue to work through things and I know we'll be fine. Love will see us through the darker spots of course.

Busy, busy, busy times are more fun with the ASA Family.