01360: Another Wild Night

Home alone at the Sietch right now. Tobie is at work in Makati. Prince is at the Batangas port preparing for his long boat ride to Boracay via Caticlan. Yoshi is asleep under the couch. Ar-yannah is swimming around in the aquarium.

I had a crazy time last night at O Bar Ortigas. Apart from the amazing O Diva show that paid tribute to Lady Gaga, Donna Summer and a bunch of other music icons, we also had a lot of good fun with friends without needing to drink too much. I also danced. A lot.

Wait, let me say that again.

I REALLY danced a LOT last night! Totally crazy! And I even danced with some friends of Prince that I had never met before last night! So that felt even crazier!

The point is I had fun. And maybe I'll shake off my inhibitions more and "risk" dancing more often while at O Bar. I don't really care if I don't actually know "proper" dance moves or that I'm probably not all that appealing to watch. What's more important is that I have fun, express how the music makes me feel and then just proceed from there. Good stuff.