0135D: A Pet Peeve Burn Post

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the Ranting Swede. If you had ever watched the quirky Cartoon Network show Sheep in the Big City, then you should already know who he is. At the end of certain episodes, we'd get some quality time with the Ranting Swede who would complain about something in a somewhat funny accent. To be fair, he rambled more than he actually ranted, or at least that's how it felt like to me since it's kind of tricky to understand precisely what he's trying to say.

I often state that I use my blogging as an output for stress or a way to process things that are troubling me. And while I don't feel like dissecting the goings-on of my brain just now, I do feel like ranting a bit.

We all have our fair share of pet peeves, it's true. You know what I mean - all the little things that happen in this life that annoy or frustrate you to no end, but more often than not there's little to nothing that you can do about them or the fact that you're better off not investing the time and effort for so little a return. But they persist and they continue to annoy us all and that can really build up over time

So as an exercise, I'm going to go on a bit of a rant-fest ala The Ranting Swede, but probably in a manner that's easier understand. I'm not claiming that all of these things happened today - I'm not that cursed or something. But they are the things that bother me and I think it might be healthy to get some of this off my chest, give in to a little senseless ranting and then see if I feel better after.

Writing is therapeutic, after all.

So here's my little rant list of pet peeves in no particular order:

  • People who throw gum / cigarette butts /. tissue paper into urinals
  • Guys who spit while peeing in a public bathroom but miss, and instead leave a blob of goo on top of the urinal
  • People who leave used paper towels and tissue paper around the sinks of public bathrooms
  • People who cut in line
  • People who cut in line especially at banks because they're supposedly special customers somehow
  • People who don't follow instructions
  • Drivers who don't respect the pedestrian lane when waiting for the light to turn green
  • Taxi drivers who don't turn the meter on
  • Taxi drivers that drive like their really bad F1 drivers
  • Being fat
  • Being reminded that I'm fat by people who are not exactly close to me
  • Asthma attacks when I'm enjoying quality time with a pet
  • Poor quality Transformers that still cost an arm and a leg
  • Guilt trips
  • Vague instructions
  • Cold wars
  • People who make life-changing decisions while at the foot of an escalator
  • People who don't pay attention when an elevator is going up or down
  • People who hold open elevator doors for a slow-moving friend despite the 5 other people waiting
  • Shoppers who go through the mall like a slow-moving French Can-Can line
  • When people intentionally or inadvertently make me feel ugly
  • When only one bank teller is open and there are 10-15 people in queue
  • The "service" at most CD-R King branches
  • When people limit me to a stereotype or a single impression based around assumptions
  • Mistakes in fast food delivery orders
  • Shipments and deliveries that get delayed by Customs
  • The ridiculous charges local Customs make us pay
  • Delayed flights
  • Creepy sleazeballs who hit on you at a bar.
  • Not getting hit on at a bar.
  • When the jeep that you're riding can't possibly fit another person but the barkers insist two more can fit
  • Over-priced food that's supposed to be posh
  • How expensive LEGO sets are
  • The never-ending struggle to shelve all of my books
  • Country/Region specific restrictions on videos, web content and ebooks
  • When  people insist I can't understand something that I have never experienced before
  • When you don't get the full 2.5 twists in your soft serve ice cream cone
  • When the one thing that I like on the menu isn't available
  • Broken promises
  • Utensils that are not part of a matched set
  • Missing socks
  • Movie trailers that tell the whole story
  • When someone re-shares something on a social network that you had shared earlier and gets more responses
  • When you realize that you have been blocked / muted on a social network
  • People who don't reply to calls / SMS
There's probably a whole lot more, but I think I need to stop here for now. I'm not sure if I truly feel any better, but this does make for a somewhat interesting list.

How about you? What annoys you as you go through the daily grind of life? What really cooks your meatball, as the Ranting Swede would say?

And I'll try to be more positive in a future post. Maybe I can write about the many little things that make my day and see how that goes in terms of helping me feel better.

And before I go, RIP Donna Summer. Your music has changed me in so many ways. I will keep your memory alive every time I hit the dance floor. You are loved and will be dearly missed.
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