0135A: Writing About Not Writing

Okay, I concede - the universe is conspiring against me regarding my lack of progress with respect to my creative writing efforts (and the lack thereof). Even the darned Avengers seem to be giving me the finger because I haven't been writing enough.

I really need to figure out how I want to do this - or maybe I should just try to go with the flow and see how things go from there.

Despite my various OCD-like quirks with different things, my writing has always been a lot more free-spirited, in a manner of speaking. I've never really been one to work with outlines or drafts. I've never quite enjoyed brainstorming activities like mind maps and the like. I just don't really get around to drafting for one reasons or another. I just write and see where the words take me and go with the story from there.

But after watching the progress videos for the Double Fine Adventure game, it was interesting to see someone else's creative process, especially for something as complex as a game.

I have to admit that I've relied a lot on digital writing mediums dating back to my first attempt at a novel in Grade 7. Yes, I tried to write a novel at the end of my grade school years and my MS Word draft reached more than 100 pages. And then I reviewed it, started re-writing it and then decided to scrap the whole thing. Horrible, I know, but you know how writers distrust their own writing. But still, I enjoyed how it was a lot quicker to translate my thoughts into words rather than the slow and cumbersome process of writing with pen and paper.

Plus my handwriting is horrible.

So that's the conundrum - do I try to copy the likes of Tim Schafer and start paper drafting my stories and documenting my ideas? Or do I continue to trust the digital medium and write solely on the computer / tablet / whatever.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Or am I still delaying by putting too much thought into this endeavor? Should I just go with my gut and try to write freely without planning or foresight and go with my gut? I've done that before and I've had brief bouts of creativity with some interesting results, but in the end I can't seem to sustain things and then the writing project dies again. Like any other writer on the planet, my computers and notebooks are littered with truncated stories, dead novel ideas and other unfinished business.

What do you fellow writers think? What writing styles or techniques work best for you?