01359: Love Sees Us Through The Dark Moments

The ASA Family is happily together...again. And we're certainly all the better for it.

Our journey in this relationship hasn't been an easy one. We all have our moments of weakness. We're all still dealing with the trauma of our respective histories. We all have our respective fears, doubts and other things that nag at us in those quiet moments when we find ourselves somewhat alone.

I know that our social media updates sometimes worry friends and other valued online contacts when we go through a troubling spell. Others may even question why we seem to live so "publicly", although I know my posts are limited to those people I trust and value within online circles. But Facebook (in partcular) has always been one of our primary channels of communication all the way back to when we were just getting started. And even in dire straights, such social media communications become the one of the last channels that we have open to us so we can work things out and come back together as a family.

But despite the struggles, I know we become stronger and stronger with every trial that we overcome. More and more of those doubts and fears are vanquished as we find our way forward together. That's the biggest thing about relationships built on love - you can forgive almost anything, when you really get down to it. And if you can't bring yourself to do that in your own relationship, you may need to think about things a bit more.

And we are stronger as a family and I know the day will come that we'll vanquish all of our fears of the past and quell all doubts in order to enjoy a truly happy life together. Love keeps us strong. Love helps us see the beauty of our future together. Love binds us closer and closer together and will help us find our way home during the darkest moments.

I love you Tobie and Prince. I love you so much.


  1. I love you both so much.
    And I promise you both, I will never give up on making every single day of my life a day to make you both happy.


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