01358: Ar-yannah, The Queer Fighting Fish

Meet Ar-yannah!
So we've now added a fighting fish to our little Sietch family. And in order to best to the little thing's rather fabulous color scheme, Prince has named it "Ar-yannah", which is indeed probably the gayest name (and spelling) that we could come up with during the ride home.

We had purchased our gay little betta at Cartimar, where Prince and I had spent the afternoon while Tobie went off to visit family for Mother's Day.

And our Cartimar day was a lot of fun. We found some great colorful shoes for Prince to use during his O Bar poi performances, enjoyed some old Cartimar haunts for great snacks like mango taho and takoyaki balls.

And given how Prince and I first started to hang out (outside of our O Bar encounters of course) during our Cartimar days before, I have to admit I had a fair amount of reminiscing too.

I'm such a sap, I know.

The  Tobie met up with us at another old favorite place - in this case the Japanese restaurant Nemoto! I've always enjoyed the high quality bento meals at this particular restaurant, especially given the rather ridiculously generous portions they tend to serve.

And it was Prince's first time to eat there! So it was nice to have him share in another restaurant that I love. And there was certainly a LOT of good food to go around between the bento meals that Tobie and I each purchased and the rich mixed maki plate that Prince got for himself.

Yay for Japanese food! And double YAY for ASA Family dates!