01354: New Destinations Ahead!

This is our whiteboard at the Sietch - and YES, we have a whiteboard.

This particular corner identifies our various travel plans for the year - something I never thought I'd live to see. But as is the way of the Sietch, we've come to celebrate our passions together. Thus as much as I'm glad Prince appreciates musical theater (and is determined for us to watch The Phantom of the Opera) or how I've learned to get into gaming because of Tobie, both Tobie and I have learned to appreciate travel because of Prince.

And it doens't feel like excessive, reckless raveling either. It's pretty calculated and we do our best to save every penny, whether it means planning trips solely around instances when we get lucky with airline seat sales or making sure we bring food with us during trips to the beach. There are a million different ways one can save money while out and about exploring the beauty of the Philippines and Prince does a great job of making sure things go well.

The latest update to the board is not the Boracay trip that we have booked in September (thank you ZERO FARES via AirAsia Philippines) but the Coron, Palawan trip that we've just mapped out for August (thank you Cebu Pacific). And as much as traveling via budget airlines severely have their limits (and risks, as current social media posts would indicate), it's still the most affordable way for folks like us to travel. Just be sure to exercise the power of the web check-in to avoid getting bumped off your flight. Seriously.

I never thought that I would enjoy travel as much as we do now with Prince in our lives. Then again, I never though that I would be providing social media and marketing support for a budding travel agency like A.S.A. Travel and Tours either. So go figure - I guess life just has a funny way of opening your eyes to something that you just might enjoy not matter what experiences you may have had in the past.

There's still a lot to be done and not quite as much time as I'd like to get everything nailed down nice and neat. But we work with what we've been given of course and then we proceed from there.

Still need to push the social media marketing campaign though with zero cash outlay at this point. I know it'll be a wee bit slower going, but the end result should be pretty good still, even without a budget. We can consider paid advertising in the future - but that would mean competing with the likes of Agoda, who clearly invest a lot in their AdWords campaigns. Argh.

Oh, and Prince visited Tobie's sister Tracy at Mellow 94.7 this morning. Want to guess the reason why?

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