01352: Busy With Monday Pre-Shift Duties

When I don't have an image for the day's blog, I now take random photos with the tablet. LOL
Busy again today - and my work week hasn't officially begun! To be fair, we did have a pretty fun time at O Bar Ortigas last night, and that's always a good thing. But beyond that, work related to growing A.S.A. Travel and Tours has certainly eaten up a lot of my time today.

Today's tasks (and their status as of this posting) include:

  • Complete the A.S.A. Client Partnership Deck - DONE
  • Adapt A.S.A. Deck for Tablet Presenting - IN-PROGRESS
  • Develop Social Media Marketing Plan for A.S.A. - IN-PROGRESS
  • Edit and Email O Bar Photos - NOT STARTED
  • Finish Geeky Guide review for Monday - NOT STARTED
  • Start Daily Updates for  A.S.A. Travel and Tours website - NOT STARTED
  • Get some creative writing time - NOT STARTED
Crap - I think I need to better map out my day via Remember the Milk or something. Or maybe calendar my activities via Google Calendar? We're talking total GTD time here!

Although in other news, I'm really enjoying the new ASUS Transformer tablet. It's proving to be a lot of geeky fun and I'm looking forward to making sure that we optimize the experience for everyone in the ASA Family and not just me (even though I seem to be hoarding the device). That means making sure there are movies and videos that Prince might enjoy watching and games for both Tobie and Prince as well. Fun times.