0134E: I Dream A Dream

It seems the theme for today, at least from my perspective, happens to be DREAMS - and that's always a nice thought to keep in mind. Allow me to explain.

This morning I met up with Mark, an old friend whom I have not seen in years (think around 5+) We've stayed in touch on and off over the years via various social networks, email and maybe the odd chat message. These days we stay connected via Twitter mostly and somehow conversations about the horrible weather as of late led to the realization that he tends to be in the area of the Sietch almost on a weekly basis.

So we made plans the other day to have lunch and met up at Teriyaki Boy at Gateway. And it's funny how with certain friends the conversation just flows as if you haven't been apart 5 minutes. And Mark and I have always gotten into those sorts of conversations ever since we first met back in our college years and it was nice to sort up pick up the conversation from that point.

He's back in the country after quite a spell of traveling with the goal of setting up his own bake shop / coffee shop somewhere. He has developed a passion for pastries over the years and now he's finally considering getting down and starting a business of his own. And it nicely echoes our own efforts with A.S.A. Travel and Tours, our budding travel agency, especially with all the work that Prince is putting in on the business development side as he sets up new partnerships with various hotels and resorts around the country.

So it sort of comes back to my own dreams and the need to find inspiration and motivation from what other people are doing with their own lives. Prince is obviously making A.S.A. quite the potential successful venture with a very strong start. I think Mark has a good chance of setting up a great little business as long as he stays this course. And thus I really ought to go back to my own dreams of taking my creative writing to a more professional level.

It'll be quite the transformation that requires a serious investment of time and thus quite the reorganization of my priorities and such. But it seems the universe is putting me in direct contact with people who doing precisely that in order to make their dreams become reality and I just really need to listen to the message and get things done. I mean come on, even Tobie is involved in a wonderfully creative job as a game designer that really gives him a greater sense of fulfillment than anything else that he's done in past years.

Wish me luck!