0134A: How Saturday Night Went Down

Last night turned out even better than expected, I have to admit. After all the planning and such, the surprise birthday party for Tobie was quite the success, and this was compounded by the fun that happened at O Bar Ortigas after. By the time we had ended the night, we had at least 3 different cakes to enjoy from different friends.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped make the night so special.

It's never easy to prepare these kinds of surprises for Tobie given how strong his wave length is for both Prince and myself. He has an uncanny knack for figuring out what we're thinking or when we're up to something, thus trying to organize a big surprise party like this is bound to trigger alarms in his head. So Prince and I had quite the tricky time managing the different elements of this plan, but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

And then O Bar was even more fun since practically all of the staff made sure to greet Tobie a (belated) happy birthday, and this was capped off with a special birthday song for Tobie, complete with a cake served by the various ledge dancers at the bar. I didn't manage photos of that, but I do have a video that will be uploaded soon!

We spent the morning after at the hotel where we just goofed around by the pool. This meant either me wading in the water, Tobie doing a few laps or Prince posing for a few photos. It was a nice lazy morning that was pretty fun and a nice way to cap off the birthday celebrations.

The photo on the left is a sample of the sorts of things we do during such times. I'm no professional photographer, but I do like some of the results of my work when I try to apply myself a bit more.

After all this, we packed up all the extra food and booze (and there's quite a lot of vodka that will keep us busy over the next few weeks) and then made our way home.

Otherwise we're having a nice lazy day. The weather is horrendously hot and so it eventually led to me and Prince taking a long afternoon nap while Tobie watched the dog. Oh, and he has a name now! He is officially being called "Yoshi" given he's a mixed breed cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shi Tzu, plus Yoshi is a character from the old Super Mario games, a franchise which holds a special place in our hearts.

We still have a bit more time for relaxing before we have to start thinking about heading out again. Sunday is still an O Bar Ortigas night for us as we go to support Prince as he performs poi. And of course there's still more fun to be had with our friends at the bar.


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