01348: Karma Chameleon-ing

It's finally the last day of the work week - something that we should always be thankful for. And I still got a lot done despite some of the more, well, "unusual" things that happened. No, unusual is a bad work - I guess "unexpected" fits better. Either way, it's been a long and tiring week both at the office and at home.

But things have been looking up on all fronts that it makes the trials and challenges of the week seem like minor bumps in far off past. Anna from work asked me if I was happy again, and just her asking reminded me of the very simply fact that I actually am quite happy again. Once again we're past the woods and back in the safety of home and family.

It's kind of crazy how things are moving steadily forward for our starting travel agency A.S.A. Travel and Tours. Prince has been very hard at work contacting various hotels and resorts all over the country as we try to secure potential deals, draft contracts and really get this business off the ground. I've been working more behind the scenes getting the social media network setup on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ along with exploring various supporting web services like beta testings a version of the site of Blogger and configuring our invoicing via PayPal for those who want to pay via credit card. Cash payments are easier of course, but then again not everyone has that liquidity at times.

And the ASA Family definitely feels stronger as of late - and a part of that may (surprisingly) be due to the likes of Boy George. It's hard to explain in words precisely what is different, but I'll just be happy enough to declare that things are indeed different in a very good way. And this goes beyond giving me reason to be hopeful and optimistic for the future. It gives me reason to feel even more in love with two amazing guys every moment of every day. I admit the current outcome is not at all what I expected given some of the shakier moments in recent weeks, but I'm definitely appreciative and glad that things are going the way they are.

The family business is really doing well. We'll be getting a new dog very, very soon and the three of us are pretty darned happy despite all the different things that we need to accomplish in the days and weeks to come.

Now if only the weather would turn for the better, then things would be a lot closer to perfect. I mean seriously, it feels like the world is suffering from a very high fever right around now.
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  1. Good luck to your family business! Hopefully next month, Glenn and I would be trying your business as we travel to Pagudpud or Hundred Islands :)

    1. So noted! Will make sure we have partners in those locations soon.


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