01343: Pre-Monthsary Fun

Tomorrow will officially mark our third month of being together as a family. It hasn't been an easy road and yesterday was especially challenging, but we've come out the other side intact. Sure we're a bit worse for wear and we have a few battle scars, but these are the things that just help show that we've lived full lives and continue to fight for what's truly important to us.

Trying the Araneta electric shuttle!
Today we stepped out for a bit to get some shopping done, find some place to eat and just enjoy some time together. And we ended up trying out the new branch of Sumo Sam that opened at Gateway for our massive pre-monthsary dinner.

The ASA Family versus THE ARENA!
Yes, the ASA Family is celebrating 3 months of being a family! Hooray!

Now to stop writing and squeeze in a little family PS3 before O Bar Ortigas tonight.


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