01342: Caring for Poy-Poy

Photo by Prince
Poy-Poy isn't feeling too well today.

It started last night while Tobie was busy clearing space in the living room for him to setup the gym bench that he and Prince had purchased during the last grocery trip. Naturally the cleaning involved digging up a lot of old stuff paired with trying to clean the gunk that builds up in those areas you don't get to sweep or mop on a regular basis.

So sometime during the big cleaning session, we suspect that Poy-Poy either licked, drank or ate something that disagreed with him. We know this since he started throwing up all over the place. He was still active and energetic at the time, but he was getting rid of every last bit of water that had had consumed for the day. When it seemed he had stabilized, I had tried feeding him and he ate with his regular gusto, so things seemed fine.

By the time Tobie and Prince got home from O Bar and I was still at the office, Poy-Poy initially seemed find but resumed his throwing up sessions once they let him out of his cage. And there went all of his dinner. So we agreed that I'd bring him to the vet first thing in the morning once I had arrived back home from work.

I'm already back from the vet and Poy-Poy is still rather quiet at this point. At least he doesn't have a fever nor are they any obvious signs that we should be more worried than normal. But to be sure, I agreed for the vet to administer several shots - one to reduce his nausea, another as an antibiotic and finally a vitamin booster. I also had to pick up more medicine to administer over the course of the coming week and some special dog food to help with his upset stomach.

Needless to say, it cost quite the pretty penny, but naturally it's more than worth it since Poy-Poy is a valued member of the ASA Family. I just hope he gets better sooner rather than later.

Hopefully the worst is past and he's already gotten the bad stuff out of his system. To be fair, he has not thrown up since the time that I had arrived home from work or even during the trips to and from the vet - and that involved me lugging his carrier case up and down the street to get to Pet Express! Still no appetite though, so I'm hoping that he feels the urge to eat soon. I've yet to try the new dog food - perhaps right before I head off to bed.

It's funny how I'm pretty much the default medical person here at the Sietch. Maybe it just comes from being a geeky know-it-all at times, or realistically it's because of my above average knowledge of pharmaceuticals because of the family managed a drug store in the neighborhood. Believe me, I know what over the counter drugs to mix in the hopes of triggering an abortion. And NO, we never agreed to sell those items in that particular combination when people would try asking, before you even think about that scenario.

So now let's all just focus on Poy-Poy getting better. It's the right thing to do.


  1. Get well Poy-Poy! You're such a cute dog! You remind me of Benji in that show Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince :)


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