01341: Crawling Past The Finish Line Into The Weekend

Last work shift of the week! Man, it feels like it took just about forever to get to this point, but then that often becomes the perception when you're busy, stressed and just swamped with work. And it's not like things are going to lighten up any time soon - I still have a major deadline that I'm working through before the next work week rears it's ugly head.

No "major" plans for the weekend at this point apart from just trying to catch up with sleep or something. Of course there will be our time at O Bar Ortigas and all that fun stuff, but otherwise our dance card is pretty open. Sadly Prince has work tomorrow - sort of a chance to make up for his past sick days. So if anything, I'm definitely going to sleep through that period tomorrow since both Prince and Tobie will be busy with work and that seems like the most effective use of my time.

I've been feeling pretty tired these past few days, plus a rather annoying cough has been keeping me busy as well. Prince is a tad sick too and has his own regimen of medicines to work through so it seems like just a matter of time before Tobie gets sick too. You know how it is - someone brings the sickness home and it eventually spreads to all members of the household. And I don't quite know if my cough is the same as Prince's cough, but there's a big chance they're somehow related, I'm sure.

And as seemingly bleak it all seems that the three of us are rather busy with work for this week and all that I can seem to write about is how we're staying apart from one another, that is definitely not the message that I want to convey here. While we may be kept separate by the circumstances of "real life" in terms of different work schedules and other obligations that fill up each day, we still do our best to remain strong, connected, and very much in love. In fact, I would not be able to survive all the stress of the work week without the comfort and reassurance of the two amazing men in my life.

And thus I often feel prompted to try and think of new ways to make them happy given all that they do for me. I can only manage so much, that much I have to admit, but you can never fault a guy for trying, right? And Tobie and Prince are always work trying my hardest for given how much they mean to me and how I can't imagine my life without both of them by my side.

Remind me to try and write about the unique dynamics of our relationship some more. I've been meaning to but I never quite know how to begin, but I'm sure the words will come to me when the time is right.