0133D: The ASA Family Always Has FUN

We have a CRAZY amount of time together at the Sietch and during our short trips out to Araneta Center for this errand or that. And it's become even more fun as we all get more and more comfortable with being a family, especially given how a-typical our three-way relationship happens to be.

I could write about it at length (and I touched on most of this in yesterday's blog), but I thought it might be more fun to run a sort of photo blog post today.
Lunch at Hap Chan
Tobie Serves
Prince and his Doggie Bolster Pillow
And the next two photos illustrate how I lost my boyfriends to a Nintendo 3DS.

And this is how Prince looks like once we're out of battery for the Nintendo 3DS
In other news, I finished my RevAbs workout for the day. While I've yet to sustain the six-days-a-week workout schedule, I am surviving 5 days a week, at least. No significant weight loss yet, but I am feeling a bit stronger and my asthma isn't quite as bad. My pants aren't quite as snug though plus my ring feels a bit looser now compared to before.

Work resumes tonight. Oh joy.