0133C: Happy ASA Purchases

People are unique - that's one of the greatest things about people. No two are precisely the same and it's all these nuances of difference between us that make every interaction with one another such a potentially new and exciting experience. And this is especially true in relationships as every day becomes a new experience in learning more about the people you love.

As much as the three of us in the ASA Family have things that we share in common with one another, we don't always see eye to eye in everything. There are TV shows that Tobie and I like that aren't necessarily the shows that Prince would like. I can still relate to the telenovellas that Prince likes to watch but Tobie can't stand them. The list goes on and on, and that's just a normal part of life.

Gaming has always been an interesting part of our life together, although the games that Tobie and I like aren't quite what Prince is familiar with. So today Tobie surprised us both by finally pushing through with his plans of buying a Nintendo 3DS. We have yet to get into the Nintendo game system here at the Sietch so this is our first venture on our own. And Nintendo means Super Mario, which is one of the games that Prince happens to love. As for Tobie, it means he gets to experience other game designs and concepts that could become useful given the other job he has now.

The two have been going crazy over the game ever since the drive home, and I'm glad. It's nice to see Prince getting into a game - in fact it's funny how we seem to have similar gaming styles in this regard. And by gaming styles I'm referring to how, um, focused we get while playing, so much so that it's probably better for your health that you don't bother us while playing.

We also got some major errands done today including purchasing new work pants for both me and Prince, new polos for Tobie to wear to work and the weekly grocery shopping. It's interesting how we now try to map out our meals and what ingredients we'll need to find at the grocery. It certainly defines our purchasing plans.

Oh, and speaking of purchasing, Prince and Tobie opted to invest a gym bench for the Sietch to help with the home workout routines. We already have some variable weights and some dumbbells and now we have a proper bench to help with the working out. I have no idea where the boys plan to place it, but I know it'll be a good thing in the long term. I bought a yoga mat as well to help with my own workouts with RevAbs, which I'm still generally keeping up as best as I can.

More fun times at the Sietch and the ASA Family.


  1. ASA more or less stands for our last names: Abad-Sunico-Angeles (or switching the two A's if that's your preference.


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