0133A: Before Heading Out For Work On Friday Night

Last work day of the week! I'm so excited for the weekend! Then again, who doesn't get excited for the weekend?

There's a big deadline tonight and I feel confident that at least I've completed my contribution for this particular one. I've mostly finished another submission due Thursday given we have an internal deadline of Tuesday. I still have one more submission to complete before Tuesday following the same parameters, so I know that's going to take up most of my time during tonight's shift. What fun!

It's always hard to get through the last work shift of any week. You know how it is - your mind starts to wander to what you plan to do during your days off. You repeatedly return to the task at hand but then sooner or later you're back on the beach, at the club or just sleeping in your own bed - whichever weekend activity best suits your mood, lifestyle and all that good stuff.

Apart from our usual O Bar Ortigas runs, this weekend should be interesting for a number of reasons. One interesting agenda item is the Bright Lights! outreach event where volunteers will pair up with one of 100 kids for group games and such while things culminate with lighting of these solar light bottles, popularized in videos like this. Prince will be volunteering to teach kids poi while I'll be on hand to just document the event through photos and videos. With luck Tobie will be able to finish his Saturday work early enough for him to join us for the little event.

Typically I try to get to work on Friday nights a lot earlier in order to be able to go home earlier, but tonight I  had incentive to wait a bit. In this case, it was because Prince and Tobie were coming home after work instead of Tobie running a game and Prince possibly dealing with things at his old apartment. So yeah, definitely good motivation to stick around for a fun dinner, even if it was "just" food bought from a road side eatery (translation: carinderia / turo-turo). I don't mean to sound snooty or anything - in fact I love this kind of food. I just know that there are bound to be people out there who might actually look down on this sort of thing. Why they do this exactly, I have no clear idea. Their loss!

I hope I survive tonight's work shift! This weekend is bound to be busy with all the fun stuff like O Bar, working on stuff for A.S.A. Travel and Tours and all the other stuff in-between.