01338: Wednesday Night Work Week Thoughts

I miss the beach already

Or perhaps more accurately, I miss not needing to go to work every day. But that's life for you - we get through the daily grind all throughout the work week as best as we can and look forward for the times when we can rest. And that rest may just be the weekend or perhaps that far off point in the future when one can actually retire or something like that. And given the current economic climate, I fully concede that the point when we can all relax and just enjoy life is fairly far off in the future.

Not that we don't enjoy life now, mind you. We certainly enjoy every moment we can manage to keep for ourselves whether at the bar, on the road or just in the comfort of our home. And that's how it should be, really. Always find time to celebrate life and love with those you value - your family, your spouse, your partners - whatever.

Today was one of those rare instances when I allowed my work life to creep into my home life, in the form of a conference call that I had to take from home. Since it was a US-based call, I finally found an opportunity to test out the call quality of Google Voice. It's a shame that I never got around to using the service when it was offering everyone free calls to the US - but 1 cent a minute is still a crazy good deal (Skype charges 1.2 cents per minute, as a point of comparison). The call went across okay and I spent only $0.41 of my Google Voice credits for this particular call - so good job. This may be a viable alternative for the future.

It weirds me out how I can actually save money on National Direct Dial long distance calls in the Philippines if I were to use Google Voice as opposed to a traditional landline telephone. For example, PLDT charges over P5 a minute for domestic long distance calls while Google Voice charges 11 centts a minute - that's about P4.70! So yeah, funny how life is.

We've settled back into a nice, comfortable pace here at the Sietch, at least for the three of us. We still have a lot of things to do for our respective jobs plus the budding business that is ASA Travel and Tours. I still need to setup the company's web presence as a blog and then there's the social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and all the rest.

And I still owe Tobie a story draft this month as part of my commitment to get back on the creative writing horse and finally get around to getting published on the Kindle Store or some other ebook market. I really need to address this, but I'll admit a lot of the old writer's fears are still playing around in my head, thus slowing my progress.

And I haven't forgotten all my work obligations. I'm still hoping one or more of them will just go away, but I may be hoping for too much there.
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