01337: Taking Things Even Further

After the forever memorable Holy Week vacation the three of us took last week, we all had to face the reality of returning to the working world this week. Prince certainly has his hands full with his travel job and Tobie of course is juggling both the family business and his other job with a gaming company.

On the other hand, my work week doesn't promise to get any easier either. I have a major deadline at the end of the week and at least two more that I'll need to finish up next week. I'm projected to be rather busy until the end of the month, but it can't be helped I suppose. It's going to be my own brand of Hell getting to the finish line, but I have all the motivation to do just that.

Things are settling in decently after the ups and downs of our Puerto Galera weekend. We had a lot of realizations made as a family and quite a number of challenges to overcome as well. But in the end we all came out stronger and more closely tied together. But of course not everything was perfectly happy and some of the things that we stated were done in the heat of rather emotional moments. and of course it will take us time to fully get over some of the things said. No one is mad or anything - there is no doubt of our general happiness and of course how much we love one another. But at the same time the process of completely moving on is not something that happens in an instant.

One of the biggest items from the weekend though was the fact that we decided it was past time we transitioned to the term "husbands" instead of just calling one another "boyfriends". After all that we had gone through during the Puerto Galera weekend, surviving as a family meant that we had certainyl achieved something. And that had to merit a renewal of commitment and a strengthening of our relationship.

And this goes back to how ironically enough, Prince's new travel business means that we now have a legal document that more or less has all of our names on it. While it's not a marriage contract and not quite the title of property ownership that I thought would come first, it's no less special  when you think about it. In this case it's the official business name that incorporates the three of us - A.S.A. does represent Abad-Sunico-Angeles (or Angeles-Sunico-Abad depending on your preference). And I'm proud to have this document existing in this life - committing to a business after all is a serious enough undertaking that one does not get into lightly. And I know for sure that this is going to be for the long haul.

And to end on a somewhat random note, there's a photo of Prince's new work shoes!