01336: How We Spent The Monday Holiday

After a long trip home to Manila followed by an amazingly great and wonderful night at O Bar Ortigas, it was nice to just spend the day together for a change. Normally the Monday after a weekend of O Bar runs is a flurry of activity as I help Tobie and Prince get to their daytime jobs but today's holiday acted as a chance for us to spend more quality time together without worrying about a gig in the evening.

The day started with an amazing seafood lunch that Prince had prepared. On the one had we had shrimp and crab cooked in a rich squash-gata sauce. And to go with that he cooked even more shrimp, but this time in a garlic-butter sauce. And dessert was some watermelon and fresh mangoes. Yummers!

Then we stepped out to head on over to Megamall for a quick mall run. We started with a movie, but the movie turned out to be pretty bad and so we walked out early. As much as you might think that was a waste of money, but it wasn't worth paying to stay to finish the rest of that particular local film.

Then we walked around to find new work shoes for Prince. Originally Wade seemed like our primary choice but we ended up getting him a much better pair at Mendrez. And after walking around the mall more, checking out toys and such and other good things, we enjoyed a fun Subway lunch together with some Quickly from the food court.

It may not sound like much, but these sorts of moments are what make life as an ASA Family so great. Every day is always a new chance to celebrate the happiness of being in love and being a family.
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