01332: The Holy Week Adventure

So we're actually at Puerto Galera during Holy Week - something that is practically a regular devotion for the pink community in Manila. And there are tons and tons of horror stories about how insane Puerto Galera can be during times like this given the crowds, the inability for the resorts to handle the influx of tourists and the long waits for food, drinks and everything else. And yet we're here - the ASA Family, and we're having a GREAT time.

While we did start this with some minor annoyances with the lack of organization at the Batangas Pier in terms of getting to our boats, the rest of it has been pretty smooth sailing. And interestingly enough, this sort of marks the first official trip of our travel agency under its official name - A.S.A. Travel and Tours. Apart from the boat issues, we've had no problems with the initial trip to Batangas or getting checked in here at VM Resort.

Prince also has several tour groups with us for this trip - and by tour groups I refer to folks who have booked a room through ASA Travel and Tours and are either sharing a room with people they just met during this trip or were large enough groups to book family rooms for themselves. I'm getting used to this part of some of our travels - plus it does make for more interesting evenings.

And of course Prince and his poi partner Bench have fire poi gigs at Hiyas Bar. They'll be performing all weekend and I'm glad that I'm here to try and capture more videos and photos.

So happy Holy Week, everyone! Hope you're having a GREAT time, too!