01331: In Times of Stress, Family Becomes Even More Important

Look out world!
A.S.A. Travel and Tours is HERE!
There have been so many developments with the ASA Family in the past week, it's getting kind of crazy already. And with the big Holy Week Puerto Galera trip about to begin in a few hours, I know it's going to get even crazier still!

Needless to say we've weathered quite a number of storms, made several emotional achievements and overall just continue to cement this relationship and find more ways to strengthen the bonds between us, face our fears and better ourselves.

And today Prince totally blew us away when he completed this DTI registration for this travel business. We had been past experimenting with variations on the name Prince Travel, but out of 7 submissions, we ended up with A.S.A. Travel and Tours. Crazy, I know! It was such a tremendous gesture on his part - heck it's far more than a gesture. To name your business after your family is a risk in itself but at the same time it's a promise, a commitment to take the time and effort to make things work and see things through.

I know that Prince is terribly stressed and tired right now. He's running close to empty given lack of sleep, juggling his day job and setting up this business and the million and one other things that seem to demand his time. Holy Week is a peak period for travel after all and we've all been in that position of needing to deal with so many obligations. But no matter how it seems like you're being pulled in so many different directions, you should be able to figure out who you can count on in your life to support you, help you stay strong and catch you if fall. And Tobie and I will continue to do that for Prince as best as we can.

When Prince gets too tired, Poy-Poy tries to comfort him
So now it's time to prepare Poy-Poy for a trip of his own. He'll be staying over with friends until we get back and hopefully we won't miss him too much.

This is a very exciting time and I know we're going to have a great weekend despite the crowds, the lines and all the other sources of stress that comes with travel during this period. In fact. this is the first time in my life that I'm actually going to brave the Holy Week crowds for an outing. But it's totally worth it given this is for my family - the two men that I love so dearly and who have changed my life forever. And for that I am truly blessed in this life.

But for now, get ready for us Puerto Galera! The ASA Family is on its way!