0132F: I Love My ASA Family

Silly Muppet impressions in the car
I love Tobie and Prince - my ASA Family.

I love taking care of both of them, whether that means preparing their meals, packing lunches for them or reassuring them when they feel troubled, scared or downtrodden. I love acting as Prince's "PA" between his poi performance sets at O Bar as I help him dry off his sweat and get changed. I'm happy to help Tobie pack up his laptop gear when he's taking a shower and rushing off to work. And I'm still happy when I'm left home alone when my boyfriends rush off to work.

I love preparing coffee for everyone. I love sitting around the table as we go about our work on our laptops and randomly laugh at something we read. I love how we even have conversations over chat or through Facebook comments even if we're all in the same room. I love the worlds of conversation that we share in a single stare. I love the feel of warmth I feel when I hold Prince's or Tobie's hand or the reassurance of a hug, a friendly lean or whatever form of physical contact.

I love being silly at home and just being myself. I like acting like a kid one moment and then needing to be like a parent the next. I love feeling tears in my eyes just by looking at my boyfriends and I love being able to go to sleep feeling so much love in my heart every single day.

There are so many little things that go into my days and nights that make me happy. And almost all of them lead back to my boyfriends, my babies - may family. Such are the blessings of this life of love, trust, faith, honesty, patience and understanding.

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