0132E: Gaming Returns and Thai Pants Are Fun

My Chessex Dice Boot
After a roughly 2 month hiatus, we finally set up a gaming day together with Urim and Mahar. Thus this blog post is being written in the middle of the session as I wait for Mahar's turn to end and mine to possibly begin. Fun times.

It has been a lot harder to figure out when to hold games given all the activities that we've been busy with as of late. Between stage plays and out of town trips, our weekend dance cards have almost always been full, thus leaving the option of gaming pushed to the back burner. But now we finally found a day that worked for all players and of course us here at the Sietch and so we're finally back.

And just as I type this it seems we may not be able to finish the chronicle within the next 2 hours so additional sessions may be needed. Hmm...

Last night at O Bar was pretty wild. There were a significantly above average number of ladies at the bar last night - there's a story behind that, but I'm not exactly at liberty to discuss. But it just made for a somewhat weird environment for everyone. But regardless of the increased female presence, Tobie, Prince, and I had a really great time. Last night felt a lot more, well, free. Or lighter somehow. It's hard to explain precisely what was so different for us, but it felt a lot more relaxed indeed. We had less defenses up between us, I think, and things just flowed freely and openly. And this is the sort of thing that only happens as a relationship "matures" for lack of a better term. Definitely a good step forward.

In lighter news, Mahar brought home Thai fishing pants for the three of us as gifts from his trip to Thailand last week. They're quirky canvas creations with a much lower crotch area but are surprisingly comfortable. Mahar brought several pairs for all of us including a lovely mustard-colored one just for Prince. These pants are definitely going to make a special appearance at Puerto Galera when we head over there for the Holy Week and I'll probably find myself using it here at home when feeling lazy.

It's interesting to note that this will be the very first time that I'll be going out of town for the Holy Week. Seriously - it's just not something I remember doing a lot of in the past. When I was still living with the folks the most we would do during Holy Week would be to try to complete the Bisita Iglesia, but only with churches within the Metro Manila area. My Holy Week memories are filled with images of all the religious programs on TV like countless replays of The Ten Commandments, Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ Superstar, to name a few.

But it makes sense since Puerto Galera as become the ASA Family "home province" of sorts. It's where part of Prince's heart will always be and Tobie and I are more than honored and glad to share the experience with our baby. It's going to be its own slice of Hell for sure given the Holy Week crowds, but they won't matter. I for one will only have eyes for my family - Tobie and Prince. Beyond them I don't really care.