0130E: Yes, Today Merited a Nightcap

Ugh, work was grueling today. Then again, this whole month has been rather stressful for me with deadline after deadline. Even with today's task finally out of the way after harassing me for the past weeks, I still have 3 more on the horizon and a few more lingering on the fringes just out of sight (but I know they're coming!) To add insult to injury, I was a smidge late with today's submission because of data I was hoping to get from another department. In the end I had to make an educated guess as to a proper response and still turned it in late. Boo.

After a briefing coaching conversation with my boss in the US about how we could have managed things better, he made the usual recommendation for me to get a drink to get past the day. And I don't normally heed this kind of advice and maybe knowing that Tobie and Prince shared similar drinks last night after their stressful work days sort of egged me along. But I didn't want to get drunk - I just wanted a bit of a buzz. What I really wanted to indulge in was some fast food - something I generally avoid given my efforts to eat healthier.

So on the way home I passed by the Burger King branch at Gateway fast food court. And despite their typically lousy service at that branch, I still remained patient enough to take their buy-one-take-one Whopper Jr deal, which actually comes out cheaper than getting a regular Whopper Meal. Plus this one already had a large fries and a drink, so we know this was going to be an extra evil meal. And to top it all off, I picked up a Cappuccino Vodka Mudshake. I know it's not the strongest drink around nor is it the most cost-effective, but after all that I had been through, I felt more than justified in indulging just a wee bit. And coffee liqueurs are drinks that I tend to favor when I have the chance, hehe.

The Burger King disappeared soon enough. I'm still nursing the mudshake even now - just making sure to savor every last drop. I feel a lot better , I have to admit. Well, mostly better except for the twinge of guilt over having eaten french fries after avoiding them like the plague more often than not. But hey, fast food is always a mixed bag of deliciousness and excessive amounts of calories. You get exactly what you pay for.

Prince came home last night - such a simple sentence that leads to so much joy here at the Sietch. It's always a good thing when we're all together as a Sietch family. Together the world just seems that much brighter and more magical even. We had a weird spat of arguments and disagreements at the start of the week - the kind brought on by fear and paranoia. But love helped us to get past this bump in the road. And we've emerged from the woods stronger than ever, I think - and that gives me a lot of hope for the future.

And fittingly enough, it's the last day of February - a rather rare last day since it is also a leap year. February was pretty good with a mix of the positive and the less than ideal. I bet March is going to be a heck of a lot better. I just know it.

This weekend we'll be heading to Puerto Galera for a night. It'll be a very short trip, but I'm sure it's going to be fun since it'll be our first time to a beach together with Prince. And he's quite the beach person, and I love that quality about him. Tobie and I are still weighing if we want to brave the Holy Week crowds, especially since Prince is still going to be there for a number of days given how travel and tours are a big part of his professional life. And Tobie and I are suckers for finding any excuse to spend more time with our baby. It's a family thing - and we definitely want to spend as much time as possible with our boyfriend. It's what boyfriends do after all, right?

It's all so exciting really. Then again, all love that feels this powerful and this right is the kind that makes you want to proclaim your feelings to the world loudly and proudly.
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  1. "we definitely want to spend as much time as possible with our boyfriend. It's what boyfriends do after all, right?"


    Others kasi, no need to spend time. Pera lang ang habol.


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