0130D: No Matter How Bad Work Gets, There's Always The Thought of Home

Eliminate even the toughest stains!
Good grief, work was pretty crazy last night! I have at least 4 major deliverables in my queue with the next one due tomorrow and the one after that due Friday. And there are a few more expected on the horizon (or so the Sales team always tells me) so it's always best to process them as fast as possible.

I think I impressed even myself by turning around that arrived last Friday before I left the office today. It was fairly short and I wanted to take advantage of that fact so I could focus more on the bigger one due tomorrow. That one has been floating around for quite some time and it's been a major pain to handle. I really wish that I was getting more responsive feedback from one of the other departments, but clearly my emails are going unheeded. Boo. But at least that clears up this week (unless even more tasks come in) so I can focus on enjoying our quick trip to Puerto Galera this weekend.

Of the remaining tasks, one is going to be rather easy to finish even though it's due closer to the end of the month. I'm worried about the one due Friday of next week since I haven't even looked at it. Plus it's hosted online, so accomplishing the full data request will be quite the pain on a totally different level. Oy vei.

But in happier news, I think we're out of the woods - at least for now. One can never really tell when life will require us to venture back there, but every time we emerge we come out stronger for it. But still, the woods will always be rather dark and scary and no matter how brave we are we sometimes lose a little hope or just give in to our fears. But thankfully we can always find our way out if we believe. And love is always an amazing strong and powerful force to believe in - it always gives back whatever you put in tenfold or something. The trick is figuring out how your faith and belief is rewarded.

My thanks to our friends who expressed their concern amid my rather weird series of social media posts throughout yesterday. I'm feeling much better now and the moderate effort you put into reaching via social media or whatever truly mattered to me. What are we without our friends after all, right? And This is especially true for someone as generally anti-social and prone to introversion like myself. I try to be a friendly guy, I do. But these things take time, hehe.

Patience is a skill more than a virtue people!

I definitely feel we've made another significant step forward - and perhaps one that will really help things along in the long run. None of us had any illusions that this process of joining our life paths would be easy under any circumstances. If it was, well, then it probably wouldn't be the kind of meaningful relationship that we all feel is warranted in this life. And we're not complaining - we all have our struggles to face and our challenges to overcome. But it really helps to be able to face these trials with the help of others, especially the help of those who love us. And this was definitely a period when we all found ourselves needing a boost of support from one or the other.

This definitely feels even more serious that before, but at the same time lighter and less burdened. And maybe this is just me being mushy and overly emotional as I think about this particular topic, but I'm willing to concede that fact. Compared to yesterday, now feels like a very good time to be "emotionally compromised" or whatever you might want to call it, especially given how positively happy and hopeful I feel right now. And I'm pretty sure Tobie and Prince are feeling this too in varying degrees.

But I better head off to bed. I need to make sure that I get enough sleep so that I can welcome my boyfriends home from work with open arms.

I can hardly wait!
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