0130A: Good Times Are Simple Times

I seem to be starting a new Friday night routine - going to work a lot earlier in order to get a better start on the weekend. Most of  work week I tend to stick to a generally 12:00am - 09:00am schedule (with slight deviations to later schedules). But at least for the past two Fridays, I've ended up going to work before 09:00pm, if only to make sure I can go home early too. It doesn't do my system very good come Friday but such work shifts tend to be lighter and the payoff of an "earlier" weekend is totally worth it. It's not quite early enough to allow me to join Tobie and Prince for their Friday night O Bar runs, but I least get home early enough to join my boys in bed and wake up a few hours later on generally the same schedule.

And that's exactly what I did today - and it's been quite the lovely day. And it's not like we had to do anything extra "special" by conventional definitions. Just being together at the Sietch, lazing around and having silly conversations over coffee or Milo is more than enough. Heck, some of our craziest moments involve all three of us at our laptops around the dining table as we silent comment on one another's Facebook posts much to our shared amusement. 

We're kind of crazy silly like that - and proud of it!

We tried checking out the roof deck of the building today - a first in the few years that Tobie and I have been living here. But Prince and I had a particular mission - to see what the building gym looks like now given it was moved up there. The gym isn't much - just a few treadmills and a bench for weights. But for only P300 a month, it should be more than enough. I just need to get new rubber shoes so I can get some cardio work done.

Apart from a lot of sleeping around the house, enjoying some Jollibee delivery and watching Arrietty, we also stepped out a bit to head over to Farmer's in search of more stuff for Prince to use as outfits during his poi performances at O Bar. While we didn't find anything, I found a great National Geographic book about the various sciences for a pretty good price and we had a pretty good time.

And best of all - dinner at Tropical Hut. Seriously. I had no idea we had a branch so close to the Sietch and it ha been literally years since I had last eaten here. And while I was initially thinking of indulging with a Ranchero burger (the one with an egg on top), but instead Prince and I ended up with their Big Shot meal, which is a pretty stellar deal for just P150. I mean come on - it's rice, chicken, spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, macaroni salad, soup and and a drink. Awesome sauce.

So needless to say, it was a fun meal,. The simpler things tend to be the materials for making the best of memories when shared with people you love. And that's one of the many things that the three of us have in common - we don't need much to be happy. We're happy just being together and sharing time together.

Home is where the heart is, as they say. And I definitely feel perfectly at home when I'm with the loves of my life, Tobe and Prince. Best times ever.

Oh but don't get me wrong - we are going out tonight. First a poi event for Prince's friends in the community and then it's back to O Bar Ortigas (of course)!
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