01309: Celebrating One Month of Big Love

So I filed leave from work for last night's shift in order to maximize yesterday for celebrating our first month together in this three-way relationship between Tobie, Prince and myself. And while Tobie and Prince still had work for the day, I'd like to think that we still made the most of the extra time I had managed by taking time away from work. If not, my monthsary celebration with my babies would have consisted of me just tucking them into bed right after midnight as you can see in the image to the right.

Things actually started immediately after my work shift since Tobie and opted to bring Prince to work. Instead of me going home to an empty Sietch, I instead tagged along with Tobie at his new job while Prince went to his office less than a block away. It was nice to see where Tobie works and to meet some of his co-workers. But it was more fun meeting up with Prince again for a quaint first monthsary lunch at the nearby Pho Hoa at Paseo Center. And since it was Prince's first time to eat there, it was also yet another aspect of our simple joys that we got to share with him.

I went home right after that to catch up on sleep. And it was just as well since I woke up to a lovely turbo chicken dinner prepared by Tobie to continue our monthsary celebrations. Apart from the chicken, we also had a lovely okra salad and some brown rice and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The only hiccup was that Prince was still experiencing acid reflux pains - something that had started up again a few days ago and had been rearing its ugly head ever since.

After dinner it was off to O Bar to celebrate our shared happiness even more and of course to support Prince for his week day poi set. Despite the stomach pains he made sure to continue his performance, although Tobie and I (and even Mon!) were fussing over him and thinking of ways to help settle his stomach short of looking for a 24 hour drug store just yet.

But we still had a lot of fun while at O Bar. There were the usual fun conversations. Taking pictures and videos of Prince performing. And even a quirkier re-enactment of how Prince first introduced himself to Tobie so many months ago. I really ought to take some time to document that particular story and all the little ones that led to us becoming a Sietch Family. But that's a project that may take time.

We're all home right now. Prince is resting as we wait for his acid reflux meds to fully take effect. Tobie is working on his tasks for the day. I'm catching up with my blogging for the day and getting ready to get some sleep as well. I still have one more work shift tonight before the work week is officially over for me and then I can focus my time on celebrating love with my babies even more. An the weekends are always a great time for that.

I love you Tobie and Prince. Thanks for a wonderful monthsary celebration together.