01307: Writing About Wanting to Write

So during a quick chat with our country manager, I found out that my boss has an ebook on the Kindle Store already. ENVY! Talk about another carrot to dangle in front me and my writing goals. And as much as I'm happy for him getting published, naturally it has me thinking about my own writing goals and how far I am from attaining them.

I think I'd really to settle into writing as a full-time job. Well, maybe that and managing social media marketing campaigns from home or something. From a career perspective, I think that's where my interests are bring closer to. Although I know I'll need to actually finish some books before I can fully commit to this sort of thing. And yes, I said books with an S at the end. It doesn't make sense to become a full-time writer without first testing the waters in terms of what the market might think of the kinds of stories I'll churn out. Scary thought, but what can you do, right? It's the only way to really determine your potential success or failure in this kind of a market.

But at least the whole ebook market makes it a lot easier for aspiring writers for myself to get started in the writing world. No more needing to build up the kind of credibility (and often sheer capital) to get an original book printed, publicized and distributed across the country (or the world). Now with a decent story and a few clicks, suddenly your original story will be all over the world and ready for download by anyone with access to a Kindle or whatever ebook reader you decide to support in your bid for writing fame.

But I need to find time to actually work on my fiction writing - and that seems to be a lot harder than expected. Between work, my blogging, the geeky stuff I share with Tobie and of course the quality time we spend with Prince, it's a wee bit tricky to find time to write. Or maybe the defeatist that lives in every writer is just preventing me from actually finishing a book by constantly rationalizing excuses for me. Ugh.

I already have sort of a plan for how I want to go about this whole writing business. What I don't have are actual stories. Feature writing for my various blogs is a lot easier than coming up with creative new content. And that's part of where my challenge lies.

Or maybe I should try focusing on my blogging as a supplementary job in order to earn more money from it. As much as I have passive income from advertising and the occasional direct advertising or paid blogging deal here and there, that still doesn't mean I've fully monetized the blog quite yet. That's a completely different writing venture entirely that will require a whole different set of skills. Whoo boy.