01305: Happy Domestic Moments at the Sietch

I'm in a very, very good mood. Then again, things are generally well in the world again after Tobie, Prince and I worked through a minor hiccup in our continuing growth as a Sietch Family. Relationships will always need constant work and attention in order to keep things going well and I know that the three of us are prepared to do what needs to be done to make this venture successful. The love we feel for one another really helps makes things more than worth it.

Despite a rather fun O Bar night and a "decent" amount of alcohol, Prince still had work in the morning and I managed to wake up to help him get ready. So and we prepared a quick batch of tocino, brown rice and some sliced tomatoes that served as both our breakfast and food for Prince to bring to work as his lunch. Of course being the good house husband for the morning, I also included a slice of banana bread that Tobie had prepared, some chocolates and a packet of ketchup, since Prince likes that sort of thing.

I really liked the feeling of being able to prepare lunch for people I love. Then again, I have realized that I really enjoy taking care of my loved ones in general. It really does make you feel good plus in this specific instance, it also acts as a cost-saving measure. Why bother with the very unhealthy fast food options of the working world when instead you can have delicious (and sometimes still unhealthy) home-cooked food prepared by someone you love. Total family moment right there.

I ended up staying awake after that - figured it made more sense to push through my lack of sleep in order to be able to go to bed at a time that was more "right" for my night time work scheduled.

A few hours later it was Tobie's turn to wake up and head off to work and the cycle repeated again. He had the same tocino and rice meal for lunch and to keep him hydrated for all functions I also prepared a thermos of coffee and a bottle of iced tea to boot. And of course a few chocolates and packs of Moby to act as snack food for those moments when Tobie started feeling peckish and didn't have time to get anything more substantial in the long run.

Then I stepped out to pick up a few consumables that we had run out of along with a few other errands. Definitely a good day.

I could definitely get used to his sort of a life. It would be even better if I too had a daytime work schedule that could allow me to be awake at the same time they are and so we can all head off to work together. But of course work is work and I can't fault how well my current job pays and how great my work environment is when you get down to it. So for now it's a "sacrifice" that is still worth the pay off (in quite a literal sense) and outside of that I'll just do my best to make sure to show my love for my babies when time permits.

And now I'm already rested and soon I'll be heading off to work. It was Tobie's turn to prepare something to eat for my breakfast and their dinner. Plus we have some leftover pininyahang manok that Prince had cooked over the weekend to act as my lunch for the day. We certainly make for quite the happy little domestic unit. And I really, really feel good about having my family all home together like now. It definitely gives you a nice feeling of being complete.


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