01303: It Takes Three to Celebrate and Move Forward

It's kind of crazy to realize that it was only last week that the three of us were at Clark together. It feels like that trip was already a few weeks past given how many great and amazing things have happened since then. While they say time is supposed to fly when you're having fun, now it seems like time has become somehow denser. Tobie says it's a consequence of living every moment to the fullest - and that doesn't sound like a bad thing at all.

Just got back from watching Hugo with Tobie and Prince over at Trinoma. This was our first movie date together, and it certainly beat the time Prince and I watched Chronicle separately from Tobie given our locations at the time. I rather enjoyed the movie - heck, I'm pretty sure we all did. The movie did seem to speak to us on different levels individually, and credit is definitely deserved there. I definitely need to make time to read the book once I acquire a copy.

Today's been a nice day of bonding between the three of us. As much as we've been together a lot throughout the week, those instances have only been an hour or so long before the need for one the other to go to work or address some real-world obligation. Today we were largely free to just be together, although Tobie still had to deal with his Saturday work load. It helped that I got home pretty early from work so there was still time to join Tobie and Prince in bed and more or less align my schedule with them. I'm still a tad sleepy now though, but I'm sure I'll shake it off once we're at O Bar.

We also spent some time today introducing Prince to the joy that is Into the Woods, perhaps one of my favorite musicals of all time. The play has a good number of important messages woven into the narrative that seemed to hit home for me a bit more today than others. Given all my house hunting related thinking, I suppose it all makes sense.

I guess you could say that I fell into the "trap" of being like the Baker in the earlier part of the play. In my desire to get things done and perhaps even "right" perceived wrongs, I had steamrolled ahead of Tobie and Prince and nearly got us committed into a condo purchase that may not have been the best thing for us in the long run. One cannot really say if things should have gone one way or the other. For now it just means that I've realized my mistake and I'm back to making sure that decisions better incorporate all members of our little Sietch family.

Not much to say beyond that apart from how today has been lovely. It's always such a pleasure to spend time with the men I love and find ways to make them happy.

And goodbye dear Zsascha, the balloon shark. We'll miss you!