01300: Parachute Drop

First of all, our Valentine's Day was pretty amazing. AMAZING. And it didn't involve dinner at some fancy restaurant or big bouquets of overpriced flowers. Instead it was just a deceptively simple dinner consisting of Tobie's fantastic turbo broiler chicken, some steamed broccoli and some lazy brown rice pilaf I had prepared to tie the meal together.

But of course what made it truly special was that Tobie, Prince and I were all together. And I know that's quite the challenge given our different schedules and varying work obligations, and so the time together alone is the most precious Valentine's Day given that anyone could receive. We're all very simple people after all. The small things can become amazingly spectacular and meaningful things for us after all. And that's what makes every single day so magical, I suppose. The fact that we find so many "little" things to celebrate that become amazingly important and meaningful for the three of us.

And shouldn't it always be that way for family, right?

We're also on the brink of a very big decision regarding our housing plans. While it turns out that Avida San Lorenzo really has absolutely no more 2BR units available, we do have the option to acquire two 1BR units and combine them into one. It increases our overall costs a bit despite the many discounts the broker is dangling in our direction and it will mean the need to tear down the wall (thus additional costs). But it also means getting the location that we want and a combined floor area that is bigger than even the Sietch now.

And Prince has also shared some work-related complications that may play a factor in our plans as well - and I know it hasn't been easy for him to carry this around for so long. It's crazy to think that despite our relationship not being even a month long at this point, it already feels like years and years of experiences have passed. And that's not a complaint - that's a proud statement of wonder that gives me cause to smile and recognize just how amazingly real this all is. And I know that every waking moment (and some of the sleeping ones too) have the potential to lead to amazing new things more and more. And that's worth fighting and sacrificing for.

Oh most definitely. I have no doubts whatsoever.

There's a lot of risks involved in this decision and we may or may not be able to afford this combined unit option since it does become more expensive. I'm running the numbers now and it doesn't look very pretty. Help would be ideal, but I'm also trying to look at this from a worst-case scenario perspective where we might have to look at tightening belts in order to make the payments. I've always tried to be a realist after all and I need to be able to clearly see on paper whether or not we can do this alone or with some form of help.

And while help from our respective families will certainly be a big aid to this whole thing, at the same time I don't want to force them into such a somewhat uncomfortable arrangement off the bat. After all, they're still in the process of fully adjusting to our more diverse lifestyles and that's their right as individuals to be able to take things at their own pace. And I can't help but feel getting either side involved in this financial endeavor may be crossing over into messy territory.

But I can't make this decision alone, of course. Both Tobie and Prince and equally large stakes in this. For now my mind can't help but run in circles since I'm home alone, but I know things will be clearer once we're all together. And yet at the same time I can't help but feel that this is worth all the risks and taking the big leap into the unknown. I can't control all variables, I know that. But at the same time, I know this has the potential to be so much more for all of us. And I'd be doing us a disservice if I didn't objectively look at things clearly enough and made sure I fully determined whether we can do this or not.

Because Tobie and Prince are worth all this and so much more.